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Change has come... 
Very rarely in the world of Hip Hop today do you encounter the best of all worlds. An artist with hit making ability, an image that is marketable yet honest and genuine, matched with sharp business savvy all wrapped in one. 
Recording artist SaleSe represents just that. 
Businessman by day, Nightlife guru by night, but ALWAYS an artist first... 
Born Robert Stephen Salese in the Bronx, NY, where it all began, the Italian-American artist was able to experience Hip Hop simply by walking out of his front door. From "prep school to the projects" and the "Hamptons to Harlem", SaleSe truly did experience both sides of the coin... And now more than ever, SaleSe feels the need to give the music business what it's been lacking... 
Creativity, a fresh perspective, a reason to party and a dose of that New York City reality... 
SaleSe began penning rhymes at a very young age, but took his craft more seriously at 16. After his peers realized he had a serious knack for story telling and rhyming words, SaleSe recorded songs casually to feed the local buzz. 
At the age of 20, however, he hooked up with the Legendary Cold Crush Brother's own Almighty KayGee and got a taste for the industry side of things. After building a heavy street buzz by becoming the Metro Channel's Freestyle Friday champion and having a demo circulating in the streets that catered to SaleSe's song writing ability and more commercial side, the labels began to come knocking. Although a promising future seemed destined at the time, after 2 major record deals gone sour, the ups and down of the game and the politics involved behind the scenes, SaleSe saw first hand that all that glitters isn't gold. 
"I really went through it. The highs the lows, the broken promises, the empty dreams. But like I always say, whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. And pain develops character..." 
Now, years later, after a slew of club performances from NYC to Florida, over 500 appearances on various mix tapes, magazine features, a DVD circulating on the Internet with SaleSe battling it out cipher style with a younger Kanye West plus an IPhone full of industry contacts from A&R's to CEO's & DJ's galore, SaleSe is back in the booth with a vengeance, although he never really left... 
"Everything that is being done right now, the rapping verses with the R&B choruses that you find on EVERY big record out nowadays, that's exactly what my first album sounded like. That was 10 years ago... People would criticize the music and say that it was too "Hip-Pop" and not enough "Hip Hop"... Look at the game now... Guess I was WAY ahead of the curve..." 
After founding Single Life Entertainment years ago, SaleSe has used his marketing and promotional talents to build a name for himself. "Not to sound so typical or cliche, but I am a hustler for real. I always knew how to make it happen, one way or another. Must be the Italian in me..."
With a larger than life personality, an expensive taste for fashion (especially his trademark sunglasses) and the release of 4 mix tapes titled "Family Dinner", "Still Hungry" "The Main Course", "The Last Supper" and his latest project “Mia Vita” with features from some big name artists along with production from the hottest up and coming producers in the game, SaleSe is back at it and better than ever.
Throughout his career, Salese has worked with the likes of Tony Sunshine, Mysonne, Lord Tariq, Sadat X, Remo The Rapstar, Hell Rell, Grafh, Murda Mook, Axel Leon, Hocus45th, Mala Reignz, Jaysun, Cristion D'or, Erick Right, Dotty Dot, Bully, Black Rob, Fred The Godson, DJ Webstar, MeetSims, Torch, A-Mafia, Ron Browz, Tony Moxberg, Jon Doe, CokeBoy Flip, Snyp Life (D-Block), Chris Rivers, Anayka as well as the Italian Hip Hop Movement's own G Fella, The Shark & MANY more...
In addition, SALESE will be a star playing the character “SAL” on the highly anticipated web series titled “Bully: The Rise Of 2 Kings” which will be premiering soon.
"I could sit here and tell you who I know, what I've done in the street and the industry, and what could've, should've and might've been. That's the past. Let's leave it there and focus on right now." 
With unreleased songs in the stash, his partnership in Cozy Conditions/ 
Single Life Studios, being one of the founding fathers of the IHHM (Italian Hip Hop Movement) and running some of the hottest nightclubs in The Bronx, SaleSe has his hand in a little bit of everything. 
"I feel there's 2 people that the world should hear, Rob Salese and SaleSe, and I plan to give them both through my music."
Stay tuned..
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